What are deep house cleaning services? What deep house cleaning services do you ask for from a house cleaner?

Deep house cleaning services are usually a “one-time” service where you typically hire someone to clean your entire living space. They typically occur before you or your tenant move in and sometimes when you move out. Deep cleanings always involve paying particular attention to areas you might not clean. This includes scrubbing shower doors, cleaning your lighting fixtures, and even the interiors of appliances.

Deep House Cleaning Services vs. Regular Cleaning?

When comparing regular cleaning to deep cleaning, you can think of deep cleaning as a heavy-duty version. The Cottages to Castles team will pay attention to every nook and cranny of your home, especially after construction, to remove all of the dust and debris.  However, we will mainly focus on the areas that can collect dust, buildup, and other crevices. For example:

  • Cabinet cleaning
  • Thorough carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning refrigerator coils
  • Deep cleaning baseboards and door frames
  • Cleaning inside vanities and medicine cabinets
  • Garbage can sanitation
  • Descaling faucets
  • Dusting/cleaning individual
  • Cleaning vent covers
  • Cleaning under furniture, etc.

Cottages to Castles house cleaning services cater to each client’s specific need. We create a custom client profile to know your needs and what is most important to you. Our pricing is structured to be sensitive to the economy, a great value while providing excellent service.

We have received rave reviews of our work. Read what A. Rogge said, “As a working mother, I have a hard time keeping the house tidy…let alone clean. And as that busy mom, I have “Golden Moments” in my day that are rare. One of those, without fail, is the moment I walk into my house after the Cottages to Castles crew has been there. It is a brief moment of Perfect Peace Through Cleanliness.”

Deep House Cleaning Services

Cottages to Castles in Woodland Park specializes in residential and vacation/rental house cleaning services. In addition, we clean multi-family/single-family property, new construction, remodel, commercial janitorial cleaning services, and deep house cleaning services.

Although a deep clean is not always necessary, twice a year can’t hurt. This can keep your clutter and dirt down to a minimum and keep your home safer overall.

Our Guarantee

Cottages to Castles is committed to excellence and ensures that you receive the highest quality service to your satisfaction, at your convenience, no matter where you call “home.”

To learn more about our house cleaning services, call us. We can provide you with a quote to understand what it will cost to deep clean your home. So contact us today to learn more!

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