Commercial/Construction Clean-Up

At Cottages to Castles, we strive to create a professional relationship with our clients. This in fact is our mission; to become our client’s one and only source for cleaning needs.

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Clean-Up Services

Cottages to Castles believes in providing an exceptional level of service. We do this by earning your trust and commitment to be a part of your business family.

Years of practical experience have provided us with the knowledge of what it takes to accomplish exceptional commercial/construction clean-up. Our staff will work with you to ensure our service not only meets your standards, but exceeds them. We acknowledge that cleaning is not an ordinary job, but one that takes concentrated effort and devotion, and we assure you, we carry both traits in abundance.

The maintenance of commercial space requires attention to detail in order to project the right image for employees and customers. Since commercial spaces typically involve high traffic areas, the amount of cleaning each day is substantial. Today most offices have a contract with a specialized company to do their cleaning. Cottages to Castles will do jobs such as wiping partitions, cubicles and window sills, sweeping, emptying wastepaper bins, wipe and clean telephones, and maintaining restrooms in excellent sanitary condition.

Standard cleaning – $40 per hour/Bids available upon request.