When you require deep home cleaning services, think of Cottages to Castles in Woodland Park and Colorado Springs. We specialize in residential and vacation/rental house cleaning services. In addition, we clean multi-family/single-family property, new construction, remodel, commercial janitorial cleaning services, and deep home cleaning services.

When we moved into our new home in the Springs, we hired a housekeeper to clean twice a week. We wanted to help her by first doing a deep cleaning. In this case, the same company, Cottages to Castles, could do both regular cleaning and deep cleaning. You know, with new construction there is the dust, the glue, the windows with stickers on the glass, and the paint drips. We wanted our home to start out fresh

Deep home cleaning services typically take place before you or your tenant moves in. Having deep cleaning means that you hire someone to clean your living space thoroughly. Deep cleanings always involve paying particular attention to areas you might not clean. This includes scrubbing shower doors, cleaning your lighting fixtures, and even the interiors of appliances.

Deep Home Cleaning Services

You can think of deep cleaning as a heavy-duty version of regular cleaning. The Cottages to Castles team will pay attention to every spot of your home, especially after construction.  However, we will mainly focus on the areas that can collect dust, buildup, and other crevices. For example, in the kitchen:

  • Clean the tops and insides of kitchen cabinets and organize the pantry
  • Vacuum and wash the floor behind the fridge
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils and the vent at the bottom of the refrigerator
  • Clean and organize your refrigerator
  • Wipe down countertops, appliances, and cabinet surfaces
  • Clean sinks, the stovetop, and the oven

And In the Rest of the Home

  • Vacuum windowsills and window tracks. Remove cobwebs and bugs from window screens
  • Wipe down ceiling fan blades.
  • Spot clean stains on carpet and upholstery
  • Wipe down doors and doorframes for fingerprints and smudges
  • Wipe out and sanitize garbage cans, recycling bins, and wastebaskets.
  • Give blinds a deep clean by spraying them with vinegar and scrubbing them down.

Cottages to Castles  deep home cleaning services cater to each client’s specific need. We create a custom client profile of your needs and determine what is most important to you. We structure our pricing to be sensitive to the economy, and a great value while providing excellent service.

Although a deep clean is not always necessary, twice a year can’t hurt. This can keep your clutter and dirt down to a minimum and keep your home safer overall.

Our Guarantee

Cottages to Castles is committed to excellence and ensures that you receive the highest quality service to your satisfaction, at your convenience, no matter where you call “home.”

To learn more about our deep home cleaning services, call us. We can provide you with a quote to understand what it will cost to deep clean your home. So contact us today to learn more!

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