As Tania and I lunched together, we discussed the best house cleaning services near me, and then the week flew by. I held scheduled client meetings and wrapped up a presentation that I was making at the office of my biggest client. Then, out of the blue, my phone rang. It was my friend Donna.

“Donna, what’s up girl?” I said as I sat down at my desk.

“Marsha,” she said, “I just spoke with Tania. I told her I was looking for a new house cleaner, and she was raving about the best house cleaning services near me you recommended, Cottages to Castles, I think she said. Tania screamed, she was so excited.”

“Oh, girl, you have to call them,” she said.

“I called them, Marsha. Guess what.  I got to play tennis yesterday with my husband. Because the house is always dirty, I always turn him down. No more!  While the house cleaner was working, I was playing tennis. I am going to get my game back and enjoy being with my husband.”

Best House Cleaning Services Near Me

“Wow, that’s quite the story, Donna. Yes, Cottages to Castles is that good. I remember the day that I found them. They truly are the best house cleaning services near me and if you call them they can be the best house cleaning services near you.”

“Marsha, do you worry about the housekeeper breaking things or even stealing from you?”

 “No, I don’t worry, Donna. Cottages to Castles is fully insured, licensed, and bonded. Incidentally, they have structured their pricing to be sensitive to rising inflation. As a result, you will find Cottages to Castles provides a great value and excellent service.”

“Are they sensitive to the environment? Tania warned me some time ago that house cleaners use cleaning products that can be pretty caustic. Have you heard that?”

”Yes, but if you are concerned, Cottages to Castles offers “green” products that are safe for the environment upon request,” said Marsha.

Does Cottages to Castles Offer other Services?

“Yes, Donna. They are the people we would call if we were to move into a new house or apartment. Their deep cleaning makes this Covid-tainted world a worry of the past.  In addition, they clean the vacation rentals in Teller, Park, and West El Paso counties. Cottages to Castles is Colorado’s top vacation rental cleaning provider. They understand that finding reliable help in a vacation community is complex, and they make sure the job gets done right the first time.

 “Marsha, I learned one more thing. When I hired them, they told me if it isn’t right or we missed something, we will fix it,” said Donna. “They guarantee their work. Cottages to Castles truly is the Best House Cleaning Services Near Me”


Our Guarantee

Cottages to Castles is committed to excellence and ensures that you receive the highest quality service to your satisfaction, at your convenience, no matter where you call “home.”

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